1 of 3 to go

As you can see in the title, Grandma has three treatments left – today, tomorrow and Wednesday. We have been here at the Evansville Cancer Center since 11:45 a.m. this morning. Just like any other chemo day, Grandma checked in, they took her into a room to have blood work done and then she sat in the waiting room for five minutes before being called back for chemo. They checked her weight, then she was taken to a room for the doctor to come see her. She weighed in at 124.0 Friday she was at 126, but she has held the 124 all weekend so that’s not too bad. We waited a few minutes for the doctor to come in. She knocked, came in and asked how Grandma was doing. This morning, Grandma was not doing too well. She threw up her medicine last night so when she got up this morning, she did not feel great. She told the doctor how she was feeling. Then, they checked her blood pressure. It was normal. Grandma let them know her throat was hurting more than usual, that she was tired and just felt sort of crappy.

This past weekend her son, Rick, came into town from Florida to visit Grandma. Grandma did very well when it came to taking her meds, but did not take naps like she normally does throughout the day. I think the lack of sleep and vomiting up her meds last night caused her to feel poorly today.

She had a great time seeing Rick over the weekend. She had been looking forward to him visiting ever since he told her he was coming. On his first day here, Grandma was a bit late to treatment because she wanted to go to the store and get some snacks for her son and daughter to have when they came over to see her. After we got home from treatment on Friday, Rick and Linda came over. Grandma laughed and talked with them for hours. We went from the living room, to the kitchen where the snacks were, back to the living room and then out to the patio and back to the living room again. I think it’s the most moving Grandma has done in a few weeks. She really seemed to liven up when they were over on Friday. Before they left, Rick helped me to get Grandma to take her meds. Once they left Friday night, Grandma was so tired she went straight to sleep.

The next day, Sandy, Grandma’s niece, came to visit her. A few minutes after she showed up, Rick arrived. They sat and enjoyed the morning talking about the past and what was going on in there lives now. Sandy told us about a horse they had running at Ellis that day and she told Grandma that now she knows where we live, she would come to visit her more often. Sandy left around lunch time to take her dog out and to get back to the track to help her husband with their horse which was racing at 4:00 p.m.

Rick, Grandma, Robyn and I went to lunch at the Gerst Haus. Grandma had a plate of ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. She just had her pain meds 45 minutes before lunch. So, we wanted to see if what the doctor had told her about being able to eat more after they enter her system would work. She had a bunch of leftovers, but she was able to get some food down that other times she wouldn’t have tried before. She was able to keep the food down and even though she could not taste any of it she seemed to have a good time.

After lunch, we all went back to the house and sat around until about 6:00 p.m. when it was time for Grandma to take her meds again. Rick decided he was going to head back to Linda’s house. After he left, I gave Grandma her meds then she went to watch TV and lay down for a bit.

The next day, Rick came over about 11:00 a.m. Grandma and him talked for a bit then we took a drive to the old house where Rick took a look at the plumbing problems we have over there. He decided that he would pay to have it fixed for Grandma. Some time this week, he is going to call a plumber he knows and trusts.

We headed back home after that. We sat around and talked again for a while. Around 2:00 p.m., Rick said he needed to head back to Terre Haute so he could take some friends that let him borrow their car while he was here out to dinner. Rick and Grandma said there goodbyes and then it was time for Grandma to start taking her 2 o’clock meds.

So here we are – sitting at Grandma’s last day of Chemo. They are going to finish the Chemo and give Grandma fluids to help keep her hydrated.

She is completely passed out right now. The machine has beeped twice and the nurse has had to come change the bag because the chemo was done and they are starting her on the IV drip of fluids. She is also getting magnesium and calcium because they were both low. They check that out when she first comes in.

The nurse just told me when Grandma gets half way done with the fluids to call up front and they would try to get her in early so that Grandma can come back here and finish the fluids and rest in the chair before its time to go. Grandma is pretty knocked out right now so I’m not sure if she will be able to even walk up front right now. I’m hoping that everything goes well. The good thing to look at is today is the last day for Chemo.

They came over and walked us over the radiation office. Grandma has a little over half of the fluids left to take. Stephanie was standing in the lobby of chemo to help me walk Grandma down to radiation. She took Grandma straight back and what seemed like just a few minutes Grandma was back out ready to come back to chemo to finish the fluids. Stephanie helped me walk her all the way back down the hallway to chemo. She was very happy that today is Grandma’s last day at chemo and asked Grandma if she could believe it’s almost over. Grandma who seems half asleep right now said, “It seems like it took forever, but she is very happy.” Grandma took the same seat she had before going over to radiation. As I look up, her bag looks to be over half empty so we should only have 10 to 15 minutes left. We should be leaving here by 4:00 p.m. at the latest.

Grandma seems very tired. I’m sure right now it’s the Ativan they inject into her with the chemo that’s making her sleepy. I think she will go straight to bed once we get home and sleep till around 8:00 p.m. or so.